Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Solusisex : ideas to spice up your sex life

Then routine starts to set in, life gets in the way, and your sex drive starts to take a hit.

Luckily there are all sorts of erotic games that can work wonders, and more and more couples are using them to give their sex lives a bit of va va voom.
Yes, there's more to spicing up your sex life than the Kama Sutra. So we've rounded up our top erotic games for the bedroom. Amazing sex life here we come...
Sex toys
Step number one - invest in a good sex toy that you can play around with when you're alone or with your partner. Dildos and vibrators are excellent toys to help spice up your sex life. Dildos are often shaped like a penis and come in lots of different colours and shapes - vibrators like rabbits, plastic ducks and bullets can play a big part in your sex life. There are even vibrators that come with a remote control so your partner can get involved too! If you're not sure which sex toy is right for you, take a look at our top 15 sex toys.
Role-play and dressing up
Pretend you're someone else for a night of hot sex. Discuss your favourite erotic stories with your partner, decide what your roles are going to be and then get ready for an unforgettable night. Sexy nurse, eager student or French maid? How about playing the dominatrix or dominated? Second-degree dominating is absolutely fine - you don't need to go for full-on S&M to have fun! Also discover how good it feels to touch your partner or be touched while blindfolded with a satin mask over your eyes for a bit of gentle submission.
Play the game!
A flirty sex game is a great way to stir things up in the bedroom. There are classics like strip poker. Or if you want something a little different you'll find lots of fun games in shops that you can try out. Why not try two dice with instructions (lick, touch, etc) and body parts (mouth, breasts, buttocks). Easy, sexy, fun!
Whet your appetite
Your mouth plays an important part in sex, so make kissing and licking more fun by introducing different tastes. Spread chocolate sauce, honey or whipped cream on your bodies and enjoy licking them off - and to make it a bit trickier, no hands allowed! You can also get hold of scented and edible lubricant massage gels.
Sexy stripStripping is very in at the moment, mainly thanks to the likes of Dita Von Teese. If you fancy being a femme fatale for a night, lose your inhibitions, imagine you're a sexy stripper and perform a teasing, sexual dance. It's an opportunity to dress up in outrageous lingerie and try accessories like nipple covers and pasties! To find out how to do a seriously sensual striptease


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