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Calorie burning sex positions: Work out while you make out

Calorie burning sex positions: Work out while you make out

Calorie burning sex positions: Work out while you make out 

Calorie burning sex positions

What's the point in going to the gym or running through the park when you can burn calories in a much more pleasant way - (hint, we're talking about sex here).

You might think that the whole 'burn calories while you bump and grind' is a load of rubbish but really it's just logic. In fact, even if you're doing the dirty in the classicmissionary sex position you burn at least 40 calories per minute...

So just think what that carnal calorie count will be if you're trying out some more adventurous moves? Making your way through the kamasutra sex positions sounds like the perfect all-round workout right?

So we took a look through our collection of top 100 kamasutra sex positions and recalculated it a bit just to let you know how many calories you burn in which position.

And because every couple is different we've taken a calorie per *ahem* minute as value. No offence, guys!

Plus just by climaxing you burn plenty of extra calories! Also prelude, hot kisses and mutual undressing charge up your calorie burn account too. Just one more reason for a bit of foreplay hey?

So here's our pick of the Top 10 calorie burning sex positions, where you get hot and sweaty for all the right reasons!

A hands-on approach to masturbation


Woman in bed
Need a helping hand to get the orgasm you deserve? Before you get down to it with your guy, you need to figure out exactly what it is that makes you moan.
According to research from Penn State University, women are more open than their male counterparts when it comes to actual intercourse, but solo sex is still somewhat taboo, with 47 per cent feeling guilty about pleasuring themselves. Masturbation is nothing to be embarrassed about and actually has a proven health benefits as it relieves stress and releases those feel-good endorphins.
The most important thing about a DIY session is to experiment with different erogenous zones and spots that really turn you on. If you have no idea what makes you climax, then how is a guy supposed to know? So as long as you're giving it a red-hot go, then you're one step closer to the big O.

However, there are some things to note: according to a study by the University of Michigan, women that masturbate with saliva (wetting your fingers before you give yourself a hand) actually have a higher risk of developing yucky yeast infections. Apparently the saliva disrupts the balance of bacteria down there, so stick to lubricants if you need to get a little wet.
It's also possible to climax without even touching yourself - and you can hit the high note through regular exercise. Say what? Researchers at Rutgers University proved that women can just think their way to an orgasm - so be careful next time you're day-dreaming about Ryan Gosling doing dirty things to you!

Also, be careful of crunches and leg-raises when you're working out next to the hottie at the gym - these exercises cause the pelvic muscles to tighten and release which can lead to some pretty feel-good contractions down south.

So with these things in mind, lock your doors, set the mood with some candles (and a Ryan Gosling poster), pour yourself a wine and say cheers to some good quality one-on-one time.

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