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Top 40 sex positions - 1

Silent Night

If things are getting a little slow in the bedroom, or you fancy a bit of fun outside the bedroom, then you've come to the right place. There are plenty of sex positions to choose from, but to narrow it down, we've put together a gallery of your favourite sex positions - the most popular sex positions on the site.

Trying new positions isn't just for that exciting honeymoon period - rekindle the spark with your long-term partner by trying something new in 2014.

Spice things up with a 'sultry saddle' one night and perhaps a 'spider' the next!
Try our sex positions on the floor, standing up, on a chair, or in the traditional comfort of your own bed - we're bound to have one that suits you. Try the lot, or see how many you can do in a night!

We've got some great pictures, so you can get an idea of what you're supposed to be doing and a full explanation of how to tackle each sex position with a difficulty rating and fun rating so you know exactly what you're getting into - just click through to a more in depth article if you want more info on any position.

Work your way through the gallery until you get to number one - the most popular of all our sex positions as voted for by you. That one must be pretty close to guaranteed satisfaction, then!

Have fun, try new things and most importantly - enjoy yourself!

A study has found that getting busy in the sack is just as good as your daily fitness sesh!

Here’s a difficult question for you: would you rather chuck on your joggers and head out to exercise, or stay in bed with your BF and have passionate sex? It’s a no brainer, right? And you’re probably wondering why we’d even ask such an obvious question, but we promise there’s a method to our madness.

oral sex tips you need to know

FOR HIM: Oral sex is often considered as part of the ‘lead-up’ to the main round, but encourage him to think of it as an act that deserves its own foreplay. Kissing, touching and arousing each other before he ducks beneath the sheets will give you time to warm up to his level.
FOR YOU: Be vocal about what you want, and encourage him to do the same. Before you go down on him, tell him you want his feedback throughout – what feels good, what doesn’t, when to speed up or apply more pressure. It’ll encourage an open dialogue between you both when it’s his turn.
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FOR HIM: Give him better access to your G-spot by propping a pillow under your bum (when you’re lying on your back).
FOR YOU: Receiving oral sex should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for you, but that doesn’t mean you should make him do all the work. Gently roll your hips to grind against his mouth or hold the back of his head when you want him to apply pressure (without smothering him, obvs).
FOR HIM: Remind your guy of what’s waiting for him when he finishes down there – caress your body so that he can see you enjoying yourself when he looks up, or grab one of his hands and have him play with your breasts.
FOR YOU: Fake the sensation of deep-throating him by putting his penis underneath your tongue, rather than on top of it. No gagging, guaranteed.
FOR HIM: Ask him to mix things up down there by alternating pressure and suction. The experience of oral sex is different for men and women, so he’ll need some guidance about when to take it slow and when to work overtime. Talking about what you enjoy and don’t enjoy before or after sex will give you a better understanding of your partner’s needs.
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FOR YOU: The hole in the tip of his penis (it’s called the meatus) has amazing, and untapped, potential during oral sex. Apply gentle pressure to it while working the shaft, and build up to a medium pressure. He’ll love the unexpected sensation.
FOR HIM: Increase your pleasure by getting him to slip a finger inside you while he’s down there, or embrace your kinkier side by getting him to use a vibrator on you while he stimulates your clitoris with his tongue.
FOR YOU: You might feel like it’s an unflattering angle, but trust us – he wants your lady parts all up in his face. Straddle his head and lean forward against the wall while he pleasures you lying on his back. It’s a perfect position if you want to have more control during the act.

How does sleep affect your sex life?

man snoring and keeping wife awake

Sleep and sex

We’ve all used the “too tired” excuse in the bedroom at least once. In fact, 33 percent of women and one in four live-in couples in the U.S. frequently report being too tired for sex. There is good news, though

Revida Putri : Sexual health resolutions: Start a bedroom bucket list!

It’s that time of the year to reflect on what’s lacking in our lives and how to improve it. We should not limit our resolutions to simply losing weight or reducing stress. Resolutions are a way to focus on improving life, feeling better and putting more focus on self-care. What about sexual health?

Revida Putri : Study says sex and booze make people happier than kids

Couple having sex in tub

Sex and booze, please

The study by postgraduate psychology researcher Carsten Grimm from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand found people rate sex as the top activity that brings them happiness, followed by drinking alcohol or "partying.” Childcare ranked fifth on the list — sorry kids!

How it went down

Researchers at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand conducted the study using an interesting method to collect data on what people did during an average day and how they felt about each activity: via text messaging. Grimm had the survey participants rank 30 activities (from child rearing to video games) on three criteria: whether it brought them pleasure, how engaged they were when doing the activity and if it brought them overall happiness. Shockingly, having sex took first place in all categories. Go figure!

What does it all mean?

It’s not shocking that sex made the number one spot on a study about what makes people happy. It is, after all a pleasurable experience. Booze we can also understand. While you definitely don’t need it to have a good time, and too much is never a good thing, people enjoy their cocktails (and beer and wine). Booze is a social lubricant and (in moderation) makes people feel less stressed out and more likely to focus on having a good time (not the presentation they have to do next week).

What else made the list?

When it comes to happiness, there were a few other things that contributed to a positive outlook aside from a roll in the hay and an expertly mixed cocktail. We know childcare and playing with children ranked fifth out of 10, but what else made the list? Volunteering and caregiving came third, meditating and religious activities came fourth, listening to music or podcasts came sixth and socializing came in at number seven.

Revida Putri : Orgasm basics

Bashful woman
There are many physical and mental health benefits of orgasm that make it one of the best kept secrets around, and there are multiple orgasm (no pun intended) types that are not as well known.

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