Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Solusisex : Reasons Why Skype Sex Is WAY Better Than Sex In Real Life

Couple in bed© Google ImagesSkype sex is basically masturbation except with a one-man audience. Long distance lovers, this is probably nothing new to you but if you haven't tried it yourself you might want to consider. Because trust us, it'll be one of the best things you've ever done! What's the big deal about cyber banging? Ladies you're about to find out. Here are 15 reasons why Skype sex is WAY better than the real deal... (kinda)!
If the thought of virtual sex makes you feel a bit out of your sex zone, don't worry, e-humping is actually pretty fricken amazing and not half as awkward as you think. So MUCH that we think it might actually be better! And we're not joking. Here's why...

1. You can forget shaving

If the mood strikes you've got nothing to worry about. When it comes to e-sex you don't have to worry about stubble or red ugly ingrown hairs (the camera is hardly that good). Just strip off and get on it on!

2. You can let your hair down

OK so it might be a teensy bit awkward at first but once you get into it, trust us, you're going to wish you'd been having e-sex ages ago!

3. You can get yourself off, the right way

YOU know your body more than anyone else which means you don't have to waste your time with the whole 'left a bit, up a bit, slower' kinda talk. Thank God.

4. You can get kinky

This is your chance to get kinky! Pull out the lingerie, get out the toys and make your sexual fantasiescome true. Better yet, give him a strip tease - it's A LOT less intimidating on camera than in person.

5. You can both work on your dirty talk

Since there can't be any touchy feely stuff going on this is your chance to be vocal! Tell him what's turning you on, what you're doing and what you'd want him to do if he were laying next to you right then and there. The thought will blow his mind.

6. You're not forced into annoying positions

Ramming our cervix while thrusting from behind? One less thing to worry about!

7. Affection overdose

Virtual love requires more effort to achieve a higher level of intimacy. Which means the only way to make each other feel special is by commenting on the way she or he looks and how they make you feel. Girl, you're gonna feel great.

8. It saves long distance relationships

Skype sex means everything in a long distance relationship (LDR). Phone sex and emoti-sex just don't cut it these days.

9. You get to see him get off (for once)

Nothing's better than watching your man's toes curl. But most of the time we're so caught up in what crazy faces we're pulling that most of the time we just shut our eyes and hope that he's not starring.

But on Skype you can do whatever, whenever. So whether you go at it together or take it in turns, the choice is yours.

10. It's flexible

In real life we get so overwhelmed in the moment that most of the time we don't have time to pick and choose where we get down and dirty.

On Skype, it's a different story though. You can do one of two things. One, shove everything off the bed and disguise your undercover sloppiness or two, channel your inner romantic with music, candles, dim lighting and all.

11. You learn intimacy on a different medium

Practicing virtual love gives you the opportunity to explore a whole new medium - self love! It gives you the excuse to find out what angles flatter you the most, what turns you on, what you look like naked (bet you've never seen it, right?) and what makes you feel sexy. You'll have a confidence you've never had before. That's hot.

12. It’s still OK to giggle and screw up

Just because you're on the other side of the country doesn't mean you can't joke. It's still OK to f*ck up and laugh it off. In fact it's easier! Don't take Skype sex too seriously.

13. It's no mess, no fuss fun!

No more worrying about cleaning up the after-sex mess. How come no one ever told us about this?

14. Next time's gonna be HOT...

Skype sex is like the calm before the storm. Having self control, waiting it out and finally getting to see the person you've been yearning for all that time is the best feeling In. The. World. Good sex guaranteed.

15. Pillow talk

Alright so you can't cuddle after but that doesn't mean you lose out on post-sex affection! In fact now you won't even have to wonder whether he enjoyed it or not because you're both forced to talk. It's easy. Just talk about what you loved and what worked. Reveal your inner self to him!


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